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NanoCubed  Materials


ChemCubed offers an array of materials designed for physical and mechanical properties beyond prototyping and design.  Formulated for both SLA and jettable technologies, our expanding range of products address the performance requirements of the end-use application.

Our 3D printing materials emulate the mechanical features of common polymers for overall strength specifications with industry-leading results.  Additionally, requirements of tactile and visual specifications may be imparted within the solution. 

Feature properties:

  • Custom formulated for the printing source technology (SLA or Polyjet); SLA fully compatible with Formlabs technology and tunable for open-source SLA, uSLA, DLP systems

  • Common engineered plastics available:  Flexible, rigid, ABS-like, Polypropylene-like

  • Industry leading performance tensile, tear, flexibility and other durability features

  • Formulations suitable for chemical resistance, heat resistance and other functions beyond mechanical performance


   Rigid Series  



   Flex Series  


Universal Cartridge Solutions


ChemCubed's NanoCubed resins may be further utilized for printing features with the Universal Cartridge Solutions from ProtoART.  Click on the link and videos below for more information.

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