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NanoCubed  Materials


Flexible Series


C3-Flex series is made up of fast-curing materials that can form shape-memory products. They are suitable for polyjet and SLA type printers. Printed material exhibits moderate tensile strength, high elongation and a glossy surface. Exhibiting extraordinary shape-memory properties, the printed parts recover from deformation very quickly. Mechanical properties of printed samples remain steady for more than six months in ambient environments. Compared to the “rubber-like” materials otherwise available in the industry, the C3-Flex-1033 has three times the tensile strength, while maintaining the same elongation.

C3-FlexPlus series consists of fast-curing materials with superior flexibility, high elongation and rubber-like texture. The series includes materials with varying hardness, and are suitable for polyjet and SLA-type printers. The series can be combined with C3-Flex-1033 and rigid materials to simulate a variety of elastomers; ideal for automotive, medical and aerospace applications.

Flex series.JPG




The Test of Time


The following video (recorded 9/30/2020) is a sample of C3-Flex material that was printed back in mid 2017.  More than three years of sampling at trade shows, and it still maintains the flexibility and tensile / elongation characteristics as the day it was printed.  ChemCubed's NanoCubed materials for 3D printing are engineered for long-term needs in applications, not just prototyping.


Designed for the Application, Engineered for Performance. 

(the world has enough napkin rings... let's print some real parts)

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