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ElectroJet  Printers


“There is not only a need for higher performing materials, but also the combined solution of a ready-to-use and fully capable printing technology”

                                                          - an actual customer statement

Market demands for a commercialized Printer Solution:

  • Inkjet process to replace multiple steps and hands-on techniques

  • Unprecedented low cost and efficient production

  • Flexibility to design/develop/prototype and finally PRODUCE for the majority of digitally printed electronic applications

  • Multi-material layering of functional coatings and laminations

  • Training and support for the equipment and processes

The Printer System

ElectroJet electroUV3D Printer.jpg
ElectroUV3D bundle.jpg

Illustrated Features

Printer cartridge system.jpg
Printer settings.jpg

Training Provisions

Training Provision.jpg

Demonstration Videos

The Printer System

This video shows the system structure of the ElectroUV3D printer

The Printing Process

This video demonstrates the process of printing on the ElectroUV3D printer

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