ElectroJet  Materials


The demonstrated performance of ElectoJet materials enables the end-user to truly realize an advanced manufacturing concept while maintaining the goals of miniaturization, waste reduction and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).
We offer a fully compatible portfolio of conductive, insulating and functional specialty inks.  Designed to work together, each material provides benefits of enhanced printing and functional performance of the final product.

ElectroJet Particle-free Silver Conductive Ink

The Difference is CLEAR


> Conductive Performance - near bulk of silver

   conductivity (resistivity in range of 10-8 Ohm*M)

> Sintering Efficiency - as low as 80 degrees C in

   minutes (scroll down to see demo video below)

> Jetting Reliability - particle free formulation won't clog

   heads and does not require recirculation

> Printing Compatibility - viscosity tuned for ElectroJet

   brand electroUV3D printer or other industry brand

   heads and printers (Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, Fuji, Xaar)

Silver Conductive Ink - liquid collage.j

C3-Ag-1037-2 - ElectroJet silver conductive ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

C3-Ag-1037-2h - ElectroJet silver conductive ink, tuned viscosity for industrial inkjet specifications

ElectroJet Dielectric Insulating Inks

Multiple functions and benefits


> Dielectric performance - insulation between conductive


> Adhesion promotion - may be applied as base layer to

   optimize adhesion to low surface energy substrates

> Print enhancement - provides optimal surface

   properties for conductive ink holdout and image resolution

> Protective encapsulation - protect conductive traces from

   moisture, chemicals and physical abrasion of the external


Printing Compatibility - viscosity tuned for ElectroJet brand

   electroUV3D printer or other industry brand heads and printers

   (Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, Fuji, Xaar)

Dielectric Ink.jpg

C3-DI-7 - ElectroJet UV curable dielectric insulating ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

C3-OPT-7 - ElectroJet optically clear UV curable dielectric insulating ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

C3-DI-8 - ElectroJet flexible UV curable dielectric insulating ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

DI-7h / OPT-7h / DI-8h - ElectroJet dielectric inks tuned for viscosity specs of industrial inkjet head brands

ElectroJet Specialty Inks

Material solutions and beyond


> Primer - serves as coupling agent between substrate

   surface and conductive ink

> Security Ink - provides detectable image (watermark)

   embedding into the dielectric layers (scroll down to see

   demo video below)

> Solder Mask Ink - solder process resistant top layer ink

> Support Ink - water soluble support material for 3D

   building applications 


C3-PR-3 - Wipable primer solution for LSE surface preparation

C3-SEC-7 - ElectroJet UV curable security marking ink

C3-SMR-7 - ElectroJet UV curable solder mask resist ink

C3-SUP-1031-5 - ElectroJet UV curable water soluble support material

ElectroJet Material Demonstrations

Full sintering at temperature as low as 80 degree celsius

This video demonstrates the ElectroJet

C3-Ag-1037-2 Silver Conductive Ink printed on PET on the electroUV3D printer with heated platen.

Authenticate with security marking ink

This video demonstrates the ability to print UV cured "watermarks" for secuity / authenticating features within the layers of a circuit utilizing our C3-SEC-7 Security Marking Ink.