ElectroJet  Materials


The demonstrated performance of ElectoJet materials enables the end-user to truly realize an advanced manufacturing concept while maintaining the goals of miniaturization, waste reduction and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).
We offer a fully compatible portfolio of conductive, insulating and functional specialty inks.  Designed to work together, each material provides benefits of enhanced printing and functional performance of the final product.

ElectroJet Particle-free Silver Conductive Ink

The Difference is CLEAR


> Conductive Performance - near bulk of silver

   conductivity (resistivity in range of 10-8 Ohm*M)

> Sintering Efficiency - as low as 80 degrees C in

   minutes (scroll down to see demo video below)

> Jetting Reliability - particle free formulation won't clog

   heads and does not require recirculation

> Printing Compatibility - viscosity tuned for ElectroJet

   brand electroUV3D printer or other industry brand

   heads and printers (Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, Fuji, Xaar)

C3-Ag-1037-2 - ElectroJet silver conductive ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

C3-Ag-1037-2h - ElectroJet silver conductive ink, tuned viscosity for industrial inkjet specifications

ElectroJet Dielectric Insulating Inks

Multiple functions and benefits


> Dielectric performance - insulation between conductive


> Adhesion promotion - may be applied as base layer to

   optimize adhesion to low surface energy substrates

> Print enhancement - provides optimal surface

   properties for conductive ink holdout and image resolution

> Protective encapsulation - protect conductive traces from

   moisture, chemicals and physical abrasion of the external


Printing Compatibility - viscosity tuned for ElectroJet brand

   electroUV3D printer or other industry brand heads and printers

   (Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, Fuji, Xaar)

C3-DI-7 - ElectroJet UV curable dielectric insulating ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

C3-OPT-7 - ElectroJet optically clear UV curable dielectric insulating ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

C3-DI-8 - ElectroJet flexible UV curable dielectric insulating ink for the electroUV3D inkjet printer

DI-7h / OPT-7h / DI-8h - ElectroJet dielectric inks tuned for viscosity specs of industrial inkjet head brands

ElectroJet Specialty Inks

Material solutions and beyond


> Primer - serves as coupling agent between substrate

   surface and conductive ink

> Security Ink - provides detectable image (watermark)

   embedding into the dielectric layers (scroll down to see

   demo video below)

> Solder Mask Ink - solder process resistant top layer ink

> Support Ink - water soluble support material for 3D

   building applications 

C3-PR-3 - Wipable primer solution for LSE surface preparation

C3-SEC-7 - ElectroJet UV curable security marking ink

C3-SMR-7 - ElectroJet UV curable solder mask resist ink

C3-SUP-1031-5 - ElectroJet UV curable water soluble support material

ElectroJet Material Demonstrations

Full sintering at temperature as low as 80 degree celsius

This video demonstrates the ElectroJet

C3-Ag-1037-2 Silver Conductive Ink printed on PET on the electroUV3D printer with heated platen.

Sintering at 80c

Authenticate with security marking ink

This video demonstrates the ability to print UV cured "watermarks" for secuity / authenticating features within the layers of a circuit utilizing our C3-SEC-7 Security Marking Ink.

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