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ElectroJet  Solutions


Rigid Electronics
Inkjet printed PCB on FR4 board
Printed PCB w/ components added
Flexible Electronics
Silver conductive ink printed direct on Kapton film w/ dielectric protective layer on top
Printed dielectric material layered to build rigid connecting point for solder terminals
Multiple Layers
Multiple Substrates
Silver conductive ink direct on FR4 board
Silver conductive ink w/ dielectric base layer on PET film
Silver conductive ink on FR4 thin board
Antennae / NFC prints
Antennae printed w/ silver ink & dielectric on paper and PET
NFC chip array printed w/ silver ink and dielectric on PET
Building & Encapsulating Materials
Dielectric building material for base layer board
Silver traces and LED lights set into board (optional color tint added to building material)
Final layers of dielectric building material cover and encapsulate (protect) circuit components
Final functioning product
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