Multi-layer / Multi-material digital printing solutions for Electronics”

ChemCubed offers nanoparticle-based conductive ink for the printed electronics / sensor industry, and other specialty applications. Formulated for both aqueous-based or organic solvent-based ink, they are compatible with either thermal or piezo inkjet printers. The ink can be further customized to meet the end-users’ desired characteristics, including conductivity, viscosity, surface tension, density and adhesion to different substrates.

Feature properties:

  • High conductivity (same conductivity as bulk silver)

  • Particle-free for consistent and reliable long-run jet-ability without clogging heads

  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates including: paper, FR4 (PCB board), polyimide (Kapton®), acrylics, polyester and ABS.

  • High resolution printing

  • Low temperature sintering (temperature can be as low as 80°C, which enables use of the ink on flexible electronics and biomedical devices)

Conductive Silver Inks:


UV LED Curable Inkjet materials for insulating and building:

  • C3-DI-7 Dielectric Ink - Insulation / Building material with excellent adhesion promotion for a wide variety of substrates and full compatibility to our silver conductive ink

  • C3-OPT-7 Dielectric Ink - Optically Transparent Insulating / Building material with excellent inter-layer insulating properties for higher voltage applications and full compatibility to our silver conductive ink

  • C3-SUP-1031-5 Support materials for structure building

  • C3-Ink Colored inks for graphic layers / visual design

ElectroUV3D Printer:

ChemCubed in partnership with Direct Color Systems introduces ElectroUV3D, a versatile max-volume, small-format UV LED flatbed inkjet printer for digitally printing conductive liquids. The ElectroUV3D printer enables users to effortlessly print multiple materials such as conductive, support and insulating materials. With high resolution deposition of conductive liquids, options to print directly to PCB boards and low temperature sintering, it has never been easier to print single or multi-layer electronic components.


Many of the features that have made the Direct Jet UV LED printer models the optimal solution for UV LED ink printing are ideal for printing conductive liquids with the ElectroUV3D line of printers. Differentiating features include ChemCubed jettable liquids, multi-layer processes and electronic component printing.