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October 24, 2022

ElectroJet™ Continues to Revolutionize Additive Manufacturing Electronics

Utilizing a digital manufacturing strategy that uses ElectroJet™ branded products for success is growing due to shortened lead times, less energy, and more environmentally friendly processes.  Digital printing of electronics is now finding growth from prototyping through all forms of the production processes in various industries.  Digital printing can be found in Aviation, Military/Defense, Automotive, Medical, Electronics and other Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.


ChemCubed has stood out as a leader with its ElectroJet™ portfolio consisting of the ElectroUV3D flatbed inkjet printer, Jettable dielectrics, and particle free silver conductive inks. ChemCubed's 3D printing Additive Manufacturing Electronics (AME) process is great for prototyping, but is ultimately meant for companies who want to put printed electronics on the production line. Using ChemCubed's digital printing solutions for prototyping is a great first step in the goal to mass produce printed electronics products.

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