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Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) Stony Brook

ChemCubed is a U.S. based research, development and manufacturing company of nano composite material for the Additive Manufacturing (aka 3-D Printing) industry.


ChemCubed focuses on end-use applications for physical, mechanical, conductive and insulative properties for the final output requirements of UV curable and non-UV curable nano composite liquids suitable for SLA (stereolithography), syringe extrusion and piezo inkjet (jettable) technology printers. 

Specialties include photopolymers and photopolymer composites for strength and durability of flexible or rigid components, as well as electrically conductive nano-particles for printed electronics circuitry. Multi-material and multi-layer capabilities enable the full integration of design and function for a true bill-of-materials reduction of parts and increased cost efficiency in manufacturing.


Key market segments are: Electronics (printed circuit boards, printed electronics), Aerospace, Automotive, Military / Defense, Medical / Optical / Dental devices and components, Security and Advanced Manufacturing.

Key market objectives are: Rapid prototyping w/ multiple iterations, custom manufacturing for highly specialized / unique component features, manufacturing efficiencies for significant reductions of raw material parts (Bill of material reductions by design and inventory) and advanced manufacturing to integrate form and function (Internet of Things).

A collaborative effort of technical and marketing professionals with over 20 years experience in the printing industry, ChemCubed launched its research laboratory at the Advanced Energy Center located associated with Stony Brook University.  The institution is world renowned for its cutting-edge strength in materials research.  

Meet the Team


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